Friday, September 5, 2008

Me as an Illustration

I touched on this idea in my previous post. However, I'd like to briefly tell you a deeper reason for me as an illustration. I believe that to succeed, you have to think outside-the-box. You have to forget about what happened yesterday and see only that of the future.

When you come to my site and enter into my World. A World where anything is possible. Limitations; there are none. I want you to leave behind any disappointments, any failures, & any errors; I want you to escape. But, escape into the reality that you want to create for yourself. Thus, I want you to enter into a distorted world. My world, a world with no limitations. I made myself an illustration because I can. You should know that you can do the same. When your making cold calls, etc. transform into something bigger. Find the Charlie Large within.

-Make Miracles Happen.

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