Saturday, September 13, 2008

Imaginary Relationships

On my flight back from Hong Kong last week, I noticed one of my younger colleagues dazing-off. When I had asked him what was on his mind, he mentioned a girl (nice to know he was thinking about our business ventures, I thought to myself). Having said that, I asked him how it was going? He replied: "You mean with the girl?" Of course, I said. He quickly replied "It's in the works." Our long flight home was spent analyzing how one dreams of the opposite sex (or same depending upon preference).

In observing human behavior, it is safe to say that to a degree we all do this. Many do not talk about such and others merely think they are alone in these matters. By these matters I am referring to choosing a person of the opposite sex (or the same sex depending upon your preference) and building this imaginary world in your mind about how life could be like with them. Somehow or another in doing this we can see 1,2...5 years down the road, kids, a house, new cars, and that adorable looking dog (well, maybe not the dog).

This imaginary behavior can consume our thoughts for minutes, hours, days, or even years. The dream sometimes is better than the reality. For the reality cannot be controlled. Thus, in reality this person may tell you or I to keep dreaming (upon which that is exactly what we will do). I bring this up because I believe there is correlation here to a successful person. Meaning, it's one thing to dream, it is another thing to act on that dream. I believe many are afraid of success the same way many are afraid of pursuing that obsession over the opposite sex (or same sex by matters of preference).

My point is to make it happen. To go for it and fear only that you didn't try.


Anonymous said...

Probably the most accurate thing I ever heard.

Quinten Palvner said...

i think you are talking out of your arse (respectively). I recommend reading the work of David D'Angelo for more insight on the topic. Best of luck with your blog.

David Markinson said...

To the defense of Mr. Large, I've read David D'Angelo, Robert Greene, and Neil Strauss they All go into seduction techniques. I don't think Mr. Large was doing that here. He was discussing how we go into an imaginary world within our minds.

The post made sense. I never looked at it this way but now that I think about it and it works.

Brad said...

So true..We definitely all do this. We are so dumb.

Stacey Nathanson said...

So many guys here I see. Girls do this all the time.