Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Starting with an IDEA

I have received a significant amount of proposals, many of which were great IDEAS; however, a great IDEA is NOT enough. You must be ready to put your passion, energy, and all that you got into your IDEA. Some of the proposals are so far in conception that I wonder if flying to Mars could be in the cards. That is okay though while brainstorming. Now, it would be easy for me to say this and that's it. But that wouldn't be fair.

Many of YOU are so Close but YOU are under the impression that selling a mere CONCEPT is easy. It is not. Selling a concept that is not on the market is probably one of the hardest things to do. Let me, however, discuss what needs to be done so YOU can get the show on the road.

How to make an IDEA become REAL, TANGIBLE, and OF COURSE SELLABLE:

1) Sit Down

2) Take a Blank Piece of Paper & Start Drawing or Writing out Your IDEA- for example- if it's a website- go page by page how you would like it to look, who you want on the page, & describe the content that you would like to be there.
a) Envision the Future- All the Places, Stores, Industries you can see this IDEA in.
b) While doing this...Imagine having all the money & social capital in the world and with a snap of your fingers, all the difficulties of starting-up this IDEA should disappear.
c) Keep in Mind- While Dreaming- There are NO LIMITATIONS.

3) Recap: Sit Down, Breathe, Take a Blank Piece of Paper and Get it Down. You won't believe what can be done in just a few hours.

Make Miracles Happen


Mark said...

You make it sound so simple but I guess it is. Thanks

T said...

u 2 smart 2 b a cartoon

Brook said...

u r the master of common sense

Tara said...

very true Mr. Large