Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Wasp & The Prince

An Indian Fable, for those seeking Wealth
Title: The Wasp & The Prince

A wasp named Pin Tail was long in quest of some deed that would make him forever famous. So one day he entered the King's palace & stung the prince, who was in bed. The prince awoke with loud cries. The King and his courtiers rushed in to see what had happened. The prince was yelling as the wasp stung him again & again. The courtiers tried to catch the wasp, and each in turn was stung. The whole royal household rushed in, the news soon spread, and people flocked to the palace. The city was in an uproar, all businesses were suspended. Said the wasp to itself before it expired from efforts,

"A name without fame is life a fire without flame. There is nothing like attracting notice at any cost."

Make Miracles Happen.


Jose Cruz said...

Where did you find this fable?

Harry said...

Thats so true. Without fame doing anything aint easy. Good looks C Large.

Anonymous said...

makes sense