Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome to the World of Charlie Large

It’s been awhile since I reached out to the public in such a manner. I will not delve too deep into how and where my fortune came from because I believe that it’s irrelevant. Granted, at the same token I guess it is irrelevant to me being I am me.

I prefer to discuss what it is that I will do and why I am doing what I am doing…

I am fortunate enough to have created great wealth years back and spent the past two years reading whereby I separated myself from the corporate world which I intertwined with so well. Similarly to Niccolo Machiavelli (who spent a period of his life reading in solitude), I felt as though in reading the greats that they were corresponding with me. With that said, Andrew Carnegie positioned Napoleon Hill to write the book Think & Grow Rich to provide the everyday man with a new philosophy, with a new way of thinking. In concerning that matter, I believe Mr. Hill did quite some job; however, I see a deeper problem. Due to my situation I have a lot of time to do nothing. But nothing per se is quite boring and brings forth a life with no purpose, a lonely life, an unconventional life. Therefore, I took up a life of solitude to read. Since I wasn’t chasing money anymore, I needed to chase after something larger. I needed to find a greater purpose and create change.

I have been on facebook and myspace for about 3 months now and have over 20,000 friends. Many of which have asked why I don’t put my real picture up. The answer…This is simply more fun. I am far from an artist; however, I prefer to be drawn. I provide my artists with photographs and they use their imagination. So what was once a Ferrari or Lamborghini is now a red illustrated car. Imagination, creativity—That is what is lacking in society. The daydreamers in school always lag behind but I believe those daydreamers have the potential to be bigger than any institution. To dream is to create.

Now that that is squared away I will elude you to my goal and what I plan on doing with my website, my fortune, and my philosophy. I plan on sharing it. In reading Disney, Hughes, Aristotle, Nietzsche, and the rest as a young boy I have seen the world differently. This perspective managed to place me in my current position that I am in today and it correlates and runs analogous to the thinking of the greatest people whom ever lived. I know this because my education comes from them. My goal on Earth is to pick-up where Napoleon Hill left-off-- By regurgitating the mind-set of Walt Disney, Howard Hughes, Andrew Carnegie, Socrates, Machiavelli, and the like-- To provide society with a template on “how and what to do” during time of distress. My goal is to provide some “know-how” into the processes of wealth and life.

My first step in achieving this goal is my website and as Walt Disney once said:

“Anything that we had saved up was all put into our business,” he wrote his parents in 1932. “We have been doing our own gambling. This past 3 years will be a very good lesson to the people at large,” meaning apparently that others would have to learn to invest in themselves as well.” – (pg.166- Walt Disney, the Triumph of the American Imagination)

My point—Invest in yourself. Be creative. Take your ideas, your thoughts and make them happen. Do your own gambling.

Having said that, I know from experience that my website can take you very far…There was a bank robber during the great depression who was caught and when asked why rob banks? He replied because that is where the money is…My phonebook- The tools here to secure an idea and to invest in yourself can change everything. Live the dream and make it happen. Walt, for example, refused to live any other way.

I end this blog with the secret to Walt Disney’s success…at least according to Ward Kimball, long time animator and colleague to Walt Disney.

“If you want to know the real secret to Walt’s success,” long time animator Ward Kimball would say, “it’s that he never tried to make money. He was always trying to make something that he could have fun with or be proud of.” (pg. 161 of Walt Disney, the Triumph of the American Imagination)

-Till next time make miracles happen.