Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Prince

"Men almost always walk in paths beaten by others and act by imitation. Though he cannot hold strictly to the ways of others or match the ability of those he imitates, a prudent man must always tread the path of great men and imitate those who have excelled, so that even if his ability does not match theirs, at least he will achieve some semblance of it.

I say, therefore, that the degree of difficulty which a newly risen prince in a newly founded state encounters will depend upon the degree of ability he possesses. And since his rise from private citizen to prince presupposes either ability or good fortune, it would appear that one or the other of these factors will in part reduce his difficulties." (Niccolo Machiavelli, "The Prince." ch. 6)

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Wasp & The Prince

An Indian Fable, for those seeking Wealth
Title: The Wasp & The Prince

A wasp named Pin Tail was long in quest of some deed that would make him forever famous. So one day he entered the King's palace & stung the prince, who was in bed. The prince awoke with loud cries. The King and his courtiers rushed in to see what had happened. The prince was yelling as the wasp stung him again & again. The courtiers tried to catch the wasp, and each in turn was stung. The whole royal household rushed in, the news soon spread, and people flocked to the palace. The city was in an uproar, all businesses were suspended. Said the wasp to itself before it expired from efforts,

"A name without fame is life a fire without flame. There is nothing like attracting notice at any cost."

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


During the early years of life we often choose a "superhero" or an all-star baseball player, a basketball player, or barbie to emulate. The question I beg: Who do we emulate as adults? For any adult in the business world, any adult who is in the 'rat race' perhaps it is time to choose a new 'superhero'- a person who has been utterly successful. Why? To follow in the footsteps of the greats.

My team took a survey asking over 3,000 people throughout New York City 'who is your favorite baseball player?' (amongst other sports) and finally 'who is your favorite businessman (or woman)?'

When it came to the last question- only about 350 had an answer, some said their father. It makes me wonder what are we not teaching here. Throughout my life I lacked quite a bit of guidance and always read for my answers. Different success stories, philosophers, & historical wealthy figures shaped my mindset- these historical wealthy figures are who I emulate.

While growing-up, we are guided by our parents- slowly morphing into them. At the same token life's experience morphs us. The question I have: If you are to morph into someone or take-on traits of a historical wealthy figure, who would it be? Upon answering this question, I suggest reading about that person, finding whatever it is you can to replicate their mannerisms, etc. and in doing so you will find that you are surpassing yourself, being someone you wish you could be.

If life is always in flux or forever changing then we must adapt, thereby always improving ourselves to become or stay the 'fittest' (in a Darwinian sense). Noah Dietrich, long-time business associate to billionaire Howard Hughes once said to Howard after he inherited his family's fortune: "All great men have goals which are clearly and sharply defined." Millionaire at the time, Howard Hughes replied: "I intend to be the greatest golfer in the world, the finest film producer in Hollywood, the greatest pilot in the world, and the richest man in the world." With a grin he added, "But not in that order." (pg.40-41, Howard Hughes the Untold Story)

Notice Howard's goals weren't sharply defined in the aspect of 'how' he will go about doing it. Nevertheless, they were sharply defined in the aspect that he knew what he wanted to be. Who do you want to be? And what are your 'sharply defined' goals?

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Parallel Universes, Quantum Physics, & Success

Our most accurate science, Quantum Physics, has been exploring the concept of Parallel Universes for some time now. They claim, if you are, in, say, the mall and you think about buying a shirt; however refrain. In a Parallel Universe you made that purchase. For another example, if you want to talk to the opposite sex in a bar or in the mall, but refrain for whatever reason. Whether the reason be fear, embarrassment, humiliation- that is another issue within itself. Granted that, in a Parallel Universe, your Parallel Self did in fact walk up to the opposite sex and what happens from there is up to your imagination.

We all say to ourselves from time-to-time that we will do something "tomorrow" or "when we have money to do so;" however, you should know that in accordance to Quantum Physics, while making such excuses, Your Parallel self made that move "today" as opposed to the "tomorrow." Thus, I say, if you're looking to become a success, you do so in the universe that you currently reside in. Don't let your Parallel self make the money while your sitting there in Your Universe talking about making it "tomorrow."

"Carpe Diem"- "Seize the Day."

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Walt Disney, the Master at Escaping Reality

During this time of economic hardship, I could blog, like many others about my subjective opinions regarding the matters that are transpiring; however, I choose otherwise. Instead of elaborating on my subjective opinions and heat a debate about a topic that cannot be controlled by the average person, I choose to discuss what can be done with the God given power of thought.

I believe we all model someone, or many for that matter. In other words, we look up to people, we find role-models. It is important to be aware of who you are role-modeling because it will affect your future. I have always chosen to role-model or look-up to people like Walt Disney. He is a perfect example of a dream coming true. "Walt Disney's animations continue to demonstrate man's ability to construct his own reality." (pg. 348, Walt Disney, The Triumph of the American Imagination)

As discussed in previous blogs, Walt Disney was in a constant financial battle. His imagination spent far more than he or brother Roy Disney obtained. Nevertheless, he prevailed. The Walt Disney Company sits on the Fortune 500 list and Disney's legacy is forever remembered. I believe there is something deeper to be addressed with Disney's legacy. His story and his mindset is something people need to hear. During Disney's triumph, the country faced war and depression; however, when "he was asked how the war would affect things. Walt supposedly snapped, 'What war?' This is the power of wish fulfillment and one of the chief appeals of his work." (pg. 348, Walt Disney, The Triumph of the American Imagination) To Disney there was no other reality other than the one he thought. In Walt's mind- if Mickey Mouse wasn't affected by the war or the depression, then neither was he.

In my time observing people especially those who claim they are playing "devils advocate" against the free-spirted entrepreneur, against those like Walt Disney. I can claim that when anyone says "I'm just trying to play devils advocate," they really mean "I'm just trying break you mental wellbeing becauase I cannot see any project working, including yours." If you have a dream, make it happen. Just as Walt Disney didn't pay attention to the war or the depression, I urge you, the dreamer, not to pay attention. Without a doubt you MUST assess your situation and your enviornment. If it looks promising, if you see potential- do as Walt Disney did.

Under "Charlie TV" I put the first 20 minutes of the DVD, The Secret. The Secret addresses the power of thought, wish fulfillment, the laws of attraction, and so much more. I highly recommend it.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

A, B, C- Always Be Closing

A,B,C - Always Be Closing may appear as a phrase used in the "business world;" however, that is just the problem- people are not always practicing their "ABC's"...

Whether you are trying to sell a car, an idea, a song, or yourself at a bar on a Saturday night- you're always closing. It seems the problem here is that most people do not know the end result. In other words they don't know what to close on. What do you want to happen? After you answer that. Do not think about all the scenarios. Just make it happen, you'll adapt to all those scenarios much better if you simply stick to the plan- Always Be Closing on YOUR Goal.

To close or to sell an idea is a transaction. If you tell a joke and laughter is your goal, then your joke is the transaction. "Transaction" is defined as "an exchange or interaction between people." During a time of economic crisis if your seeking answers on how to get rich- start by smiling at someone and have them smile back- a "transaction." You have to practice selling at all times. If it's not an instinct that it will fail when pushed hard enough.

You can never have the attitude that "tomorrow you'll do it" because you won't. You can never have the attitude that you're not good enough- because that's bull shit. Everyone is good enough and if you have to pretend to be someone else, if you have to pretend to be Charlie Large then so be it. Like a 5 year-old who wants to get his/her way, they do whatever it takes. I suggest you all do the same. Practice your "ABC's".

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